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About us

Order of Scientific and Applied Research

Qualified consultations are provided in the following fields:

Technology transfer:
  • Technology transfer process coordination, provision of management services for scientists and researchers;
  • Consultation inquiries submission issues (fie financing measures and invitation to receive);
  • Invention disclosure process coordination (State Gate system);
  • Search for target markets for technology sales;
  • Optimization of financial support for prototype creation;
  • Administration of external orders of R&D and scientific services,
  • Organization of search for licensing partners.

Services of open access centre (OAC):
  • OAC project coordination and implementation in research, experimentation creation of innovative products building (external and internal orders)
  • Cooperation with foreign partners (in thematic fields).

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education:
  • Development and coordination of entrepreneurship education programs (modules);
  • Initiation and organization of events of entrepreneurship education (promotion);
  • Coordination and implementation of ideas realization and development process (from idea to establishment of a company);
  • Feasibility analysis of business ideas (at international level).
Intellectual property (IP) management:
  • Patent analysis
  • Search for trademarks, designs,
  • Selection of IP protection mode,
  • Setting the terms of licensing in agreements,
  • Coordination and administration of IP protection process.

Marketing projects and public relationships

Search for investments



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